The Project

I was approached to help create and brand the spring/summer collection for Miller FPO in 2021.

They asked me to create the Miller Boxing Gym.

My first thought when I got the brief was how iconic boxing gym branding is, and the vivid illustrative imagery that's commonly associated with it. The boxing cards that announce the fights, the gritty realness to it.

I went back to early imagery of boxing gyms from the early 1920s - 30s. A lot of this imagery is actually available in the public domain. There was such a playful, comedic, and hyperbolic nature to the imagery it felt like a perfect jumping off point for this fictional brand.

It inspired the tagline I wrote, "Friends fighting friends"

You can see the full collection here.

The early concepts I created were collage based and really large and complex. We pulled back to something much more reductive and symbolic in the end. I've included some of those earlier concepts below.

Unused but still loved concepts

Along the way the project took different forms and shapes. We eventually landed on a much more reduced look but initially we explored these gritty vintage collages of type and illustration.